Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The New Kid, part 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...didn't stuff yourselves too much, did you. Well, thankfully, I didn't forget to update early since I was late last week. So... Here it is another installment of The New Kid. Enjoy!!!

“Look, what can I do to convince you to give the thing to me? I know you have it - you little weasel.”

“Oh, how fun, we’re calling names now. You misguided feminist, back stabbing, little…word my mother says I should never use!”

I threw my hands into the air, exasperated. “Why did I get stuck here? Of all the places I could be…I should be. I was supposed to be going on vacation when they sent me here. A real vacation, as myself…my real self. I haven’t seen her in so long. Instead, I’m here with you. You maggot, you degenerate, scum of the earth, parasite…I could go on for days. My mommy didn’t limit my vocabulary.”

“Okay, look the processor you want doesn’t exist…couldn’t exist. We don’t have technology that sophisticated yet. And, if we did I’d be extremely reluctant to give it to you. Actually, reluctant is an understatement, you will never get it if I am your only source.”

“What do you mean reluctant to give it to me.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Well, honestly, you’re a girl. A pretty girl, just not the smartest one.”

“Oh, I see. Listen, I’m desperate here. I gotta get rid of this body. I didn’t even like kids when I was a kid. And, this mommy…Good Lord! If she kisses me one more time I’m calling child protective services. I’m willing to barter with you. Okay. You don’t have to give the processor to me, only the patent for the technology. We can reproduce it on our own. I, in turn, will give you of my services,” I said. I sashayed my hips and winked at him, desperately trying to flirt.

“And, what services might that be.” He licked his lips then stepped forward a foot.

“You want to stay here. I mean as this middle grade kid, that’s fine with me. But, you do know that everyone thinks you’re a geek, a major loser, a real tool, a real -”

“Okay, I kind’ a get that…not popular. Go on.” He rolled his eyes like the sissy I always thought he was.

“I could change that for you. I could make you popular.”


“I’d tell everyone we’re going out. I’d even give you a quick peak in the halls in front of everyone. Of course, you must produce the processor first.”

“Oh…um, okay, uh…I have the know how to duplicate the processor. Come by after school and I’ll get started on it.”

Good boy, I thought. That was easier than I had anticipated. Now if I could just find the freaking gym.

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