Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This year has flown by so fast. It’s almost Christmas. What! WHAT? It hardly seems fair that time keeps expanding by leaps and bounds and I can barely keep up. I must be truthful and say that while I made some big advances this year, I did not accomplish all my goals.
And I’m a little disappointed in myself.

The thing is, people will tell you, “Oh, it’s okay. You can’t do everything.” But the truth is, if you make a goal (a reasonable one at that) and you don’t accomplish it (par for death or serious illness) you should not give yourself an out. Don’t set yourself up for failure. As soon as I start giving myself an excuse to not do something, I’ve lost. As soon as I get lazy and undisciplined, I’ve lost. As soon as I start to feel sorry for myself because of my long hours, I’ve lost.

I might as well shut down my computer, stop writing and reading, and watch TV.

So you know what. There’s not going to be any pity parties over here. There’s not going to be any excuses, any undue pats on the back – not until I do what I set out to do. This isn’t just about writing…but it encompasses that dream, too. This is about EVERYTHING. I know what I am capable of and the only person who can stand in my way is ME. Not the day job that sucks my energy and exhausts me mentally, not the people in my life (family, friends) who clamor for my time/attention. Not the clock that stands as a constant reminder that time is limited and I must use it wisely.
Only I can stand in my way. And only you can stand in yours. Are YOU the real reason you haven’t reached all your goals? Stop making excuses and make opportunities.

Did you struggle particularly this year with anything? How did you overcome this?

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yay! I can update my blog again. So excited. I didn't have anything planned to say so I think I'll ramble a little.

1. I just finished two books by author, and Shewriter/YaLitchater, Kelly Hashway/Ashelyn Drake. The first had been on my TBR list for the longest: Touch of Death. The first chapter instantly grabbed me but I put it away because I had too many other books I was reading at the time. Well, I picked it back up last week and I'm glad I did. Can't wait to read the next books in the series! I read there might be a love triangle in the next book. With a character like Alex, the MC, Jodi's love interest, this will be awesome. Read the first book - you'll understand. The second was Ashelyn's Campus Crush Series book (a novella), Rushing Into Love. It was great - with lots of awww and ohh tender moments between the MC, Mindy and her love interest, Ben. I have posted reviews for both books on Amazon under my other name, Angelica Steward.

2. Speaking of my other name: Angelica Steward. When I first decided to write seriously, I decided to use my middle name, Dawn, and my maiden name, Brazil, to do so. I did it because I just thought that one day I might want to write something really different from kidlit. Not that I've gotten anything published yet but I wanted to be prepared for when I did. I was visiting the awesome site of Quanie Miller, a fellow Shewriter, and she was discussing this topic: writing under a different name because of writing under different genres. Check out her thought provoking post and the awesome comments left. Oh and she has a new book out, It Aint Easy Being Jazzy...check it out!

3. I still have not read Allegiant by Veronica Roth - yet. I was so excited about this series, too. I can't explain it. I raced through the first two books like a woman on fire. I started thinking about this seriously and thought if I feel like this now will my readers do the same. I mean it's not boredom...the series is awesome. There was a years gap for me I think between reading the second book and the last one coming out. I even think the release date was pushed back a few times. Could this have something to do with it. Uh, I don't think so... I've read the first few chapters using the "sample" feature on Amazon but nothing more. Maybe subconsciously I don't want to read it because I will have to leave the characters I have grown to love (Tris, Four, all the Dauntless)...

4. I was visiting another Shewriter, Chrys Fey's blog and she mentioned her book, Hurricane Crimes. So, being me, I immediately went to Amazon to get a sample to see if I'd like it. OMG. It was great. She hooked me right away. I am going to purchase it later today with some other books (maybe Allegiant) and I'll be sure to post a review on Amazon. Which, writing a review, I might add, is important to do to support the authors we like. I'm trying to remember to do that from now on if I like a book. I can't bring myself to write a review for books I hate though. I think because I know that entertainment is subjective my negative reaction to something may not be someone else's experience. And my mother taught me if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all.

What have you been up to? Read any good books.

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!