Monday, August 26, 2013


I'm rambling today....

1. For my children summer is over. They went back today and I'm partly happy and partly sad. My oldest daughter is starting her senior year. My middle child, my son, is going to the 8th grade. And my youngest daughter is starting 4th grade. They are growing up so quickly. It's hard for me to wrap my head and my heart around the idea that my oldest daughter will be leaving in a year. 

2. It's nice to have older children because I get them to help fill-out the gazillion forms they bring home. My husband says the same thing every year, "Oh. You should have asked me to help with all those papers." This offer is posed after I have blisters on my fingers and they ooze blood...

3. I could really use a giant piece of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing. But I think I'll stick to my favorite candy - York Peppermint Patties. I should probably buy stock in the company I eat them so much!

4. I'm currently sending one of my MS out on submissions. I'm so nervous. I hate the waiting game, but I know it's necessary. I'm just glad I haven't taken up biting my nails. Yet.

What's going on in your world?

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!

Monday, August 19, 2013


When I was in the third grade, personal issues forced me to close myself off a little from others. I, as a child, took a step back from the world, but I took a step closer to the imagined world of books. I had always thought reading was enjoyable. But this was different. I relied on books to do so much more than entertain me. As a child, I didn't fully understand why I needed to read so much. I just knew I needed it. 

Soon, this love for books blossomed into a love for crafting my own stories. Something I had always done aloud with the kids in my family. But now, I was putting my words on paper for others to see. I was stepping forward bravely and telling the world that I had something to say. Unfortunately, no one I knew wrote, or thought about writing as a career. This desire I had drifted away as I grew older. The adults in my life who knew I loved to read and write never questioned it either.

My love for reading persisted, but the idea that I could write fiction dissipated. When I decided on a major for collage, writing resurfaced. It was journalism and not fiction that sounded more within my reach. I never told anyone that I wanted to be a writer. But I had shared stories, written plays for school - things like that. I did have one teacher in high school show interest in my writing and we and talked about writing books. I think he was actually writing one himself. I don't know if he ever wrote the book, though. 

My point about all this...writers need nurturing. Sometimes I think about how good I could be now if I had nurtured the craft, if I had stayed true to what I wanted and pursued it with my whole heart. I know that I cannot go back but I can pay it forward. 

I don't tell my kids their dreams are unattainable because it might be tough for them. I encourage them to push on anyway. I do educate them on their pursued passions and the obstacles they might face because of them but I never discourage. Never!

Have you always felt encouraged in your writing or other endeavors? Did anyone ever tell you, you couldn't do something? What was your reaction?

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!