Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Okay, it’s that time of year where everyone is optimistic about the New Year. Every one will sit down and write out what they will do differently this upcoming year. And, most people will give up after a few weeks. So, I decided it might be easier to list what I know I'll continue to do…though I know I shouldn’t.

Totally ignore the kids and husband and read a book in a day. This will of course not be while they are in school or work; it’ll be on the weekend. No breakfast, lunch or dinner. Reading, after all is fundamental. I’ll start another book the very next day.

Unclutter my huge closet. It’s stock full of paper. We don’t throw anything away. In the next millennia they will invent a product that will sort all my papers, dispose of them and organize the remaining lot, while I peck away at the computer. I’ll unclutter then.

 Lose that last 15 pounds. I’ll just take up the Goth look for the year. I look good in black anyway.

Stick to a strict writing schedule. If I type 1,000 words it shouldn’t matter if I began at 3:00 a.m. and finish at midnight…it was still done in a day. Right!

Cook healthier meals. I’ll eat carrot cake, and peach cobbler to ensure I’m eating enough fruit and veggies. And when I go out to eat I’ll be sure to order green beans…deep fried. I’m sure these small changes will help my body kick into gear. Not sure what gear but I’m sure something will happen.

Drive my husband crazy. Women are all about emotions and feelings and crap. My three times divorced best friend said men just love that stuff.

I’ll spend money and not save, like I just inherited the lot of Bill Gates estate. Money will be no object. I’ll borrow; max out my credit cards, do whatever I can to get what I want. I’ll even ask you to let me ‘borrow’ it. Of course, I won’t be paying you back.

Volunteer more this year to help the needy. I’ll just call all my family over for a spaghetti dinner. That should hold me until next year.

Call my girlfriends more. I’ll just send a mass text message to everyone at the beginning of each month. I’ll make sure to put I love you so everyone can feel special.

Take a family vacation camping. I’ll get some sleeping bags and move the furniture in the family room. Well stay up all night watching movies on the blu ray and looking at pictures in the photo album. They can go out back in the yard and do #1 if they want to feel the great outdoors.

Spend more time admiring nature. I’ll open the windows of the house for a full hour each day.

Exercise more. I’ll make up short stories about extremely fit people and live vicariously through them.

Okay, this list was fun but I do have some real resolutions. Some things that I’d like to change, some things that I'd like to improve upon but there are just too many to put up here. LOL

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  1. I hope you stick to your resolutions(: and it was funny lol.


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