Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The New Kid

Okay, this week I am trying something new. This is not young adult fiction, which is what I usually write. It is more a work of middle grade fiction. It was so exciting to write! I am happy and eager to share with everyone. This is the beginning of the story; I will post the next part on the following Wednesday. Not sure right now how many parts there will be, but I will let my character decide her fate. Enjoy!

Sarah’s my first name. I’m not sure about my last. I was born early Sunday morning in August 1946. This was my first birth, but not my last. I was born fully adult. I’ve been a kid before and hated it. Now, I only play adult roles, they’re easier for me.

I sat up groggy and wide eyed, always unsure of my new surroundings. This particular insertion had gone smoothly, nothing like the last two.

I searched my mind for this new location. My memory always a bit hazy upon entry was soon flashing images of this new assignment with ease. I had to obtain a copy of a new processor created by a loser I had chased and killed a number of times. He was like a cockroach, he refused to die. And, he would not give up the processor without a fight.

I pushed past the abundance of character information. It was not important. I had my own ideas about how to play the character. But, because I was a female, I was not trusted with execution. I complained to my superiors for months at my last insertion station. I was their top agent; I should be treated with more respect.

Threatening to foul the next insertion was my final attempt to get their attention. On many occasions I had had to bail my male counterparts out of the messes they managed to create. Not once have I ever been written up, or had a cleaner have to sweep my characters or the surroundings.

No, I was an excellent agent and I knew it. They knew it also but they continually treated me as if I were not part of the team. After 50 years with these guys. This was for sure my final job. After this I was going to retire. The thought of retiring at the early age of 64 was almost heartbreaking, however, but it was what I had to do.

I had to get started right away. My contact was just in the lobby waiting for me to exit. I kicked my legs over the side of the metal table I was seated on. Suddenly, gripped by fear, I cast my eyes down until they rested on my feet.

They dangled.

They inserted me in a child. Oh, I fumed! How heads would roll for this, I thought.


  1. Wonderful! The character is strong. Loved reading this. My middleschooler would love it. ;)

  2. Wow, I want to see what the rest of the story will bring. Who does she work for? Who is she after and why?


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