Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New Kid, part 2

Okay, you've waited patiently all week so here is the latest part of the story. You'll have to wait till next week to get the rest...Ha Ha Ha!!! Love it!

Looking up at the brown brick building, I nearly vomited. Schools had always had that affect on me. I recalled the last time I had been inserted into a child; it was over 30 years ago. I couldn’t believe they were wasting my talent on this trivial nonsense.

Stepping inside the building, I was greeted by dull fluorescent lights overhead and the smell of bubblelicious bubble gum. Paper was strewn about. Kids raced and yelled back and forth. My head instantly began to throb. No one looked at me or bothered to ask if I needed anything.

I spotted the ultra geek positioned at his locker. I didn’t make eye contact with him or anyone else, for fear he would run. I really didn’t feel like chasing anyone. I knew from past experiences, however, they all ran. Fittingly, I had worn tennis shoes.

I slithered past the other students in the hall, until I stood directly behind him. The idiot didn’t even notice me standing there. How absurd, seeing that I was invading his most personal space.

The halls began to unclutter. Students slowly trickled into their classrooms. I waited patiently behind the biggest dofuss I’d ever seen. With my patience worn as thin as this kid’s social ability, I finally spoke up. “Excuse me. It’s my first day. I’m looking for the girls’ gym. Do you know where it is?”

He jumped, startled to find me there, glaring at him. He sauntered to the left then to the right, trying to catch his balance. It took him a minute. I was thoroughly vexed by his level of dorkiness. He adjusted his glasses to his tiny nose then smiled slyly at me. “Um, yes, I could show you where it is. But then, I would be late for my class. That’s just not acceptable. I don’t get tardies.”

“Okay, well, can you at least walk me half-way to the class.” He refused to make this easy. I should have known.

He ignored my second request for another question of his own. “How long have you been here…I mean in town? I haven’t seen you before. It’s a pretty small town and new people stick out like a 60 year old operative in a yellow and white froufrou dress.”

Neither of us spoke, clarity rendering me speechless for a moment. How’d he figure me out so quickly?


  1. This is usual. The only thing is I hate the suspense....but it's well worth the wait. Keepem coming!


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