Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Now that Super bowl 50 is over, curl up with the players of the Steinger Football League. Meet Tobey Fine: 

Here's the blurb:
The Blasian Sensation meets his reckoning and she's a game changer...

Tobey Fine, the ‘Blasian Sensation’ is at the top of his game as the face of the Miami Medusas, a Steinger Football League team. When he's introduced to his teammate's best friend, Tobey comes face-to-face with his reckoning. 

Niveah Wallace is the founder of Carmicon Technologies, a software development company contracted to do a pilot game app featuring the Miami Medusas and team rivals, the Atlanta Mercury. If this project goes well, it will put CarmTech on the map. 

Still smarting from Tobey’s rejection years ago, Niveah is presented with her chance to get back at him—but forgets that revenge can be a double-edged sword.

Despite their initial fallout, Tobey and Niveah grow close in a way neither expected. But inside the SFL there’s trouble brewing as a piece of Tobey’s past threatens to upend his present and jeopardize his future. He'll do whatever it takes to keep his love no matter who he has to fight to do it. 

**CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult language, m/m, and other sexual situations intended for adult audiences only. 18+ Only** 
One of the dishes slipped from Niveah and Tobey swiftly caught it.“ Great reflexes. I’m going to have to add you to my Fantasy lineup.” Tobey stopped short. “Add me?” He turned to her, his hands dripping. Niveah stifled a smile as she remembered how sensitive he was about the subject. She backed up slowly, and he followed. “Um, well, look at the time.” She looked at her wrist and realized she didn’t wear a watch. “I think I had better be going.” Just as she turned and was about to bolt, she felt wet hands grab her shirt and pull her back. “Tobey Fine, you’re getting me all wet.” Tobey groaned, his breath warm against her ear. “God, I hope so.” He kissed the sensual line of her neck as she felt him fist her shirt. Niveah rubbed her hand over his forearm, giving him more access to her neck. Her nipples puckered against the inside of her bra. “Niveah,” his voice was low and gruff, “I can’t fight this anymore.” He kissed her slowly as his hands moved across her abdomen, pressing her back closer to him. “If you want me to stop, tell me.” She turned in his arms and hooked her arms around his neck. His brown eyes sparkled as they pleaded with her to tell him what he wanted to hear. She could feel his hands urgently caressing her back. “Don’t stop,” she moaned…

Tobey Fine is free Feb. 9-11 here: Download now☛

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  1. 18+ huh? What if mentally you're still 16. Does that count? ;)

    1. LOL, most 18 year old are mentally 16 or younger now-a-days. Shhh... but don't tell them I said that. They think they're grown. And mentally sometimes, I'm 16. LOL


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