Sunday, February 21, 2016

Author Interview: L.E. Fitzpatrick

Do you have a favorite character you’ve created?
I really love Roxy. He’s one of the supporting character of THE RUNNING GAME, totally self-absorbed, everything is an innuendo, and he’s absolutely amoral. It’s very liberating writing him, especially as a lot of the other characters are dark and tormented. He comes into each scene, flirts with everyone, manipulates them, and never takes any responsibility. But he’s also got a heart and his own moral code. Plus writing arguments between him and my other character John Smith is the perfect way to pass any evening.

Everyone likes to compare. What book, TV show, or movie would you say has the most similarity to your books?
I’ve been asked this question over the years and I think I’ve finally worked it out. THE RUNNING GAME is a like if Guy Richie did Blade Runner. It has a lot of imagery from Blade Runner, but it’s very British, it’s action packed, and dialogue driven like a Richie film. It has lots of character stories and threads which all come together at the end of the story, kind of like Rocknrolla.

What made you decide to publish your first book?
I’ve written all my life but there was a point when I’d finished my book DARK WATERS, that I just said to myself it’s time. I self-published it and it’s still a piece I’m massively proud of.

Your favorite book and why? (Not written by you)
Black Angel by John Connolly. It’s set in the middle of his series but it was the first time I read a book and thought screw genre this guy has angels and private detectives fighting in a bone church and it’s freaking awesome. John Connolly is the greatest thriller author to date. I can’t read his books before bed without getting nightmares… but I read them anyway.

Best writing advice for newbie authors?
Keep your expectations low and your ambitions high.

Do you have children? I’m sure you have an abundance of embarrassing moments if you do. Shout out the most embarrassing one you’re willing to share.
I have a seven year old son who’s going on 70. He’s not so much embarrassing as a heck of a lot smarter than me. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in his sitcom. I regularly post things that he has said to me, both privately and publically on my FB page. Here’s just one of the posts:

Son pulls out a plastic bag from his school trousers.
Me: "Why do you have a plastic bag in your pocket?"
Son: "I don't... It's two bags..." And off he goes.

Best mode of transportation: Unicorn or Dragon?
Dragon – fire, wings, and the insurance on them is cheaper.

Favorite movie of all time?
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.

Favorite song or artist/band?
Flogging Molly’s FLOAT

Night or Day?

Gremlins or Goonies:
This is a hard one. I think I’m gonna have to say Goonies, because they never say die.

Superman or Batman:
This is less hard. Batman. Always Batman.

Silence while writing or music blasting:
Music – normally 6 Music.

Coffee or Tea:
Coffee if you’re making.

Stephen King or Dean Koontz:
Mr King, even if you don’t like his work he’s a huge supporter of writers and you can learn a lot from him.

I know this is going to be hard…. share only three sentences from any of your books.
These are all from THE RUNNING GAME:

The prison was countrywide because she was a prisoner on the run and that would never change.

“Sometimes I think you’re not happy on a job unless someone ends up dead!”

Sure, he could shoot a man through the head with his eyes closed, but he had a sense of humour--what else really mattered?

Share the opening line from up to three of your books.
“Five past Eleven.” THE RUNNING GAME
“The world was white.” SAFE HAVEN
“A waltz erupted in the rapids.” DARK WATERS

 What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on Book 3 in the Reacher Series. Book 2 is due to go for editing next month and will hopefully be out sometime this year.

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!!!

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