Saturday, July 18, 2015

52 Reason's Why You Should Buy My Books

I saw the postscript for one of my customers from my day job that read, “52 Reasons to ____.” I immediately loved it. My initial thought was, could I come up with 52 reasons for people to buy my books. I was certain that I could come up with 10. Was that pathetic or what? So, never one to back down from a challenge, I did it!


1. My main character, Chloe, is just like every other teenager. She’s lost and confused about who she is and who she will become.

2. The story takes place in Manhattan, New York. Everybody loves New York.

3. The series is really twisty. There’s lots of plot twists that reviewers agree they didn’t see coming.

4. The first book starts with a kiss that shouldn’t have happened.

5. If you like cliffhangers, the first book has a huge one.

6. Alex Pettyfer was the inspiration for the male lead, Chris Thomas.

7. Reading is good for you. Why not read my book?

8. The final book in the trilogy will be out in August so you don’t have to wait long for the end

9. There are no vampires or werewolves. Not that I don’t like them. Just saying…

10. There’s a blend of fantasy and sci-fi. Because I’m nerdy like that

11. The main characters have superpowers

12. One reviewer described the book as a cross between Fringe, The Vow, X-Men, and Doctor Who.

13. There’s a mystery that unravels as you read

14. Romance blossoms between Chloe and Chris

15. Everyone in the story knows what is going on but Chloe. She can’t even remember her name.

16. Someone dies in the first chapter of book 1

17. One of the main characters loves giving nicknames

18. Main character, Chloe’s nicknames are: Babs, CC, A, Sybil…

19. If you think you know what’s going on, you don’t. Read the next book and you’ll see

20. The main character does an entire 360 in book 2 and 3

21. There are some really steamy scenes but no actual sex

22. There are some laugh out loud moments in each book. One character, in particular, thinks he’s a comedian

23. There are some amazing fight scenes in book 2 and 3. One huge one in book 1

24. The main character, Chloe’s, favorite food is pancakes.

25. The series gets better with each book. In my totally unbiased opinion

26. There’s a short novella told from the perspective of Chris that makes him more swoon-worthy

27. The plot is original. Even the reviewers who hated it had to admit that

28. The three main characters are flawed in a good way.

29. There is a funny scene involving the atmosphere in book 1

30. The bad guy is really bad

31. Chloe Carmichael is trapped inside of someone else’s body and that person hates her guts

32. You’d make the author very happy

33. If you’re an author of YA fiction, you can use it as research

34. The trilogy might just get your kid that hates to read reading

35. It’s the summer and your kid’s got nothing else to do but eat all the food in the fridge

36. The Kindle/e-book version is less than a cup of coffee. Or breakfast taco if you live in Texas

37. The books are not too long. Many people have said they read them in single settings

38. Reading about first love is amazing

39. The main character, Chloe, loves the band Three Days Grace.

40. Chloe and Amanda is the same person.

41. Chloe and Amanda get into a physical altercation – try and figure that out without reading the book.

42. The cover for book 1 is especially pretty with fuchsia and yellow.

43. There’s only three books and not 10. You get to know the ending sooner

44. Main character, Chris, smells like mint and chocolate.

45. There are multiple universes.

46. Chloe has great friends

47. There are multiple universes

48. Chris’s patience with Chloe is admirable and sexy.

49. Amanda has some juicy secrets and she’s not telling in book 2

50. The last book has a surprise second point of view character

51. Main character, Amanda, loves Sia

52. Because the first two books are going on sale soon but you can read them for free with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!

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