Friday, June 12, 2015

Randomness Anyone

Hey Peps! It's been crunch time for me. I've been whippin' my WIP into shape so I've been low-key on the blog. So I thought I'd ramble about what's been up. Please share your 'what's been up' also in the comments.

1. Whippin' the WIP - I love the last book in my series, Becoming Me. Tomorrow I'm sending it off to my betas Eeek! This story has everything: action, romance, suspense...can't wait for the world to read the conclusion to this story.

2. My oldest daughter (19 yr. old) left a little over a week ago for camp. She's a counselor for the summer. This is the longest she's been away and we're all a little sad. But she's doing one more year at the local college then transferring so I guess we'd better get used to it. Sigh, you want them to leave but then you don't.

3. I am collaborating with two author groups that I'm in on an anthology. I'm writing one for release some time in September and another around Halloween. More on those later. But I'm super excited about them both.

4. I've decided to....drum roll please... go back and get my Master's Degree. Gah! I know, right. School. More school. I'm going to get my Master's in Library Science. I can't put it off any more. It's just time. I'm nervous, though.

5. I receive notifications for new videos for Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. She had an awesome video that Indie and traditionally published authors might want to watch. Here is the link. I would recommend subscribing to her channel. She's a wealth of information and her guests are great.

What about you? What have you got going on? Share please!

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!

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