Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cover Reveal: Enlighten Me by ME

I'm so excited to finally reveal the cover of my new novel, Enlighten Me. This is book 2 in the Finding Me series. Hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

Enlighten Me will be releasing on December 15th!!!

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!


  1. What? Another book already? Man, you write fast! I like this cover. Good luck!

  2. I'll echo Quanie. You do write fast, Dawn! (I'm so envious ...) Tweeting the cover around now.

  3. I wish I could write faster. LOL This book was nearly finished when I published the first book. I didn't want too much time between releases since this is a series...and the last book ended with a cliff-hanger.


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