Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Release: Soul Freedom by Miranda Shanklin

I have the awesome privilege of presenting the cover of Author Miranda Shanklin's new release, Soul Freedom.

With the stress of graduation and planning weddings, Annisa and her group of friends want to end things with the Counsel once and for all. They strengthen their bond to the strongest it can be and go on the offensive. After they achieve their goal, they find that was not their only problem. Now they have to figure out who will be the next Counsel, and how to deal with other realms that have found their way in.

While the group guards over the Origin, Annisa goes with members of the other realms to track down the wayward travelers, before they cause too much damage in our realm. To prevent this from happening again or any damage that may result, the group, along with their newly appointed Counsel, must come up with a system to allow other realms access to our realm, so they don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for trespassers from other realms.

Can it be done in time for Annisa and her friends to enjoy graduation, and Annisa's upcoming nuptials? With the help of friends and family, it just may be possible!

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh.

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  1. Gorgeous cover! I love the starkness of the trees going up, and of course, those eyes. Pretty!


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