Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

OMG, I found my way back to the blog. LOL Sorry I took a much-needed sabbatical. But I have still been busy writing, getting educated, and living. So what have I been up to:

 1.   Getting the house ready for the holidays. My youngest daughter has been harassing me everyday about hanging the lights outside since we already decorated the inside of the house. She greets me at the door when I come from work and gives me the evil eye…come on if you have a daughter you know the look.

2.   I was supposed to start querying on Nov. 20th but I didn’t. I chickened out…sort of. I just felt the MS needed something else. It’s been critiqued to death and beta read a few times, but I feel I’m missing something. Do you ever get that feeling? Anyway, until I feel differently I’m not sending it out.

3.   I threw away the last of the Pecan Pie from Thanksgiving that was not eaten. Thank God Thanksgiving is over with. I had been doing so well – eating healthy and all. My co-workers actually think I’m a really healthy eater. I have them fooled. I ate so much on Thanksgiving that I might as well have ate all the donuts and breakfast taco’s they offered – I ate as many calories in one day to equal about 2 months of donuts and tacos! So sad.

4.   Umm…starting to think about what I want for Christmas. I think I’ll do a separate post on this. LOL, yeah, it’s that much.

What have you been up to?

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh.


  1. Busy, busy, busy. Arranging to move house (a week before Christmas). Preparing for Christmas itself (inlaw family visits, presents, budgeting). Working out a list of blog posts for Fi's Magical Advent Calendar which started yesterday. Catching up with elderly friends who all seem to have a much more active social life than me. Normal life on top of all that (children, husband, housework).

  2. Just finished uni - my result are due within the next two weeks (eek!)

    Been to California visiting family and had a freaky palm reading on Venice Beach, lol. Now back in England...apparently safe from the terrible Santa Anna winds wreaking havoc in Pasadena, and instead struggling to get up in the dark mornings and driving home in the dark too...winter in the UK sucks. Though of course not as much as it sucks in the Northern US and Canada...and Norway, and Sweden...ok, so I have it pretty good :)

    Good luck with tweaking the MS, I can imagine how scary it is to query (have yet to finish an MS so I have to rely on my imagination for that one).

  3. Welcome back. Yes, I know the hang-up-the-lights look. My daughter looooves holidays and birthdays. I really need to get with the of these days. :-)

    Hope your book comes along as you want it. May need a whole new set of eyes to look it over, outside of the normal people who would. Maybe.

    Happy Holidays...

  4. Welcome back! Kudos for not querying if you feel you aren't ready. I don't think there's anything worse than querying too soon. You only get one chance with that manuscript (usually). So make sure it's sparkling before you send it out. Good luck.

    What have I been up to? Revising the second manuscript of the month, editing for clients, starting a new blog for YA&MG, and getting ready for a book signing tomorrow.

  5. Fi, gosh you're busy. A move right before Christmas sounds scary.

    KR,I hope you get great news back. I also hate to wake in the dark and start my day...but I've got to do it everyday.

    Totsy, get with it my daughter is super sassy with her demands...I won't be able to say no too many times. But I love the holidays as much as she does.

    Kelly, yes, I'm waiting until I feel the MS is perfect. You have a lot going on to. Hope you have a great signing!

  6. Yeah, I got rid of Thanksgiving stuff, and now I'm eating lots of salads to compensate! I'm in the process of getting ready for my YA book launch. Lots of work! Learning new things every day. Designed my first countdown widget. So proud of it! It's up on my blog, should you want to check it out.

  7. Of course I want to check it out Catherine. Congrats on the book!!! I can't wait to read it. I'll place the widget on my blog too.

  8. I see you've been gone also LOL! Welcome back. Im happy Thanksgiving is done too!

  9. Yes, Val I've been away for almost 2 months. Glad to be back...sometimes life gets too busy. Glad you're back too!

  10. Welcome back! Sometimes we need a break from all the madness. I don't think you chickened out - something in you wasn't ready for it. When you are you will do it.

  11. Thanks, Brenda. I'm starting to feel more and more that it is ready..almost. LOL Yes, I did need a break too. Though it didn't feel much like one.


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