Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Do Women Want????

I’m taking a Literary Masterpieces class in school right now. One of the assigned readings was, The Wife of Bath’s Tale. Do you know it? Probably not. It’s really old. LOL Don’t I sound educated already.

The story is part of the famous Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. In one of the tales, told by a woman, Alisoun, a rapist is asked to answer the question, “What is it that women most desire?” If he can’t find the answer he’ll be killed for his crime. Whew!!! Glad they changed the law on that one.

Itchin’ to know what his answer was? Yeah, so was I. I thought he’d be hanged for his crime in the end because who can say what women want. Most of us don’t know what we want. Right?

Well, that was my initial reaction. Then I started thinking. Hey, I do know what I want. I have it all in my head. I know exactly what I want. What is that you ask?

To be Enough.

I want to be woke enough to write this post because I’m really tired right now.

I want to be loving and nurturing enough that my kids don’t hate or resent me when they are older.

I want to be spiritual enough that when my time comes to meet God I won’t be too frightened.

I want to be brave enough to query agents.

I want to be strong enough to take the rejection letters that will come when I query.

I want to be courageous enough to take risks when necessary.

I want to be pretty enough to still turn my husbands head when I walk in the room.

I want to be smart enough to know when enough is enough.

What was the rapists answer? Women most desired sovereignty over their husbands and for them to love them also. Yeah, I like that answer too. LOL What do you think women want?

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh.


  1. I think this must be a really interesting book. I'll place it on my to-read list. And, Dawn, I like your answer a lot. I do want to be good enough, too. Honest enough. Confident enough. Hardworking enough. Kind enough (to self and everyone else). Grateful enough.

  2. I taught the Canterbury Tales when I was student teaching, so I am familiar with the Wife of Bath. It's funny because my husband and I saw What Women Want on our first movie date ever. He still watches it whenever they play it on TV. I guess he's still trying to figure out what we want. ;)

    What do I want? In short, happiness. Of course there are a lot of things required for that.

  3. That's the million dollar question of the day. I mean, it's really kinda broad, in a sense. I must deliberate on this and get back with you 'cause I think, generally speaking, folks, no matter the species, want pretty much the same things.

  4. What do I want . . . well, more than The Wife of Bath. I want to know that I've done my best no matter what I set out to do. Now that's a tall order, isn't it? I'm already coming up with a lot of self-doubt about if I've done my best at parenting or being a good daughter or sister. And am I being a good wife? Guess I'll have to ask.
    Oh and then there's that thing I do with books. I know I'm giving reading my best shot, but what about my writing? Will I ever be sure I'm giving that my best?

  5. I like this. A lot. Too bad I'm also too tired to really think about what it is I want.

    I'll have to put that in a blog post sometime and come back here to show you. Right now I want more time.

  6. Time, patience, courage, time, energy, endurance, time... you get the picture..
    Don't we all need more time to be the woman we want to be?
    Great post!
    Write on sister..


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