Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Musings of a YA Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer/mother/cook/pasta lover...

I have three WIPs that I need to work on. It's a tough job with all my other responsibilities but I'm getting it done. Well not without a little hair lost and insomnia. I've been thinking about my WIPs - here are my thoughts:

  1. I’m editing my WIP, on Chapter 15 of 27. I think these are the final edits. I’ve had 2 beta readers – early on before I started editing. I’ve went through one complete critique with one partner and now I’m working on another session with another partner. Now the only thing I need is two new beta readers and I’m done. Yay, baby!!!!

  1. My other WIP is at 56,000 – I’m almost finished. Yayjdfdf  *sorry, I was doing my happy dance and I accidently hit the keys. I’m so uncoordinated.* Once I finish the draft of this WIP, I’m going back to my first book and edit it. I can’t wait my first story is by far my fav.
  1. I’m having trouble with one scene – one of the last scenes in my current edit. It is where my protag is supposed to kick the stuffing out of the antagonist. She’s female and he’s male, and they both have extraordinary power. It’s an important scene and I don’t want to goof it up.

  1. I was really inventive with the WIP I’m currently editing. I’ve created another world and made up names for all kinds of stuff. Like, a special chemical toxin in the air, a cooking apparatus, the unlawful people of that world, the type of clothes they wear… And science plays a part in the overall story…actually without the science part the story wouldn’t sound right. Well early on, someone classified my story as paranormal – I had no problem with this, as I love the genre. But it never sat well with me. But out of all my stories, I would classify this one as more paranormal than the others. Anyone else have a similar problem? I’ve decided to query it as paranormal –whenever that happens- and let the agent/publisher decide the final genre.
  1.  My current draft is getting down to the last couple of scenes but I’m having trouble. My protag has been in another dimension for a while. But now she has returned home – to her surprise – but there is something she must do in the other dimension. She is desperately trying to get back to that place. I’m having a hard time getting her back. Grrrr…I can’t explain it. I have an outline but I deviated from it at one pivotal scene. Why? Oh, because I lost 100 pages (in the middle of the story- not the beginning) and had to start over and when I did, that scene came out different and changed the ending of the story. I still can’t figure out why she can’t go back…she has to. I’m kicking her scrawny behind out the door today. I will not go to sleep tonight until I have her back where she needs to be.
  1. How many keyboards do writers go through? I never thought about that much until I started seriously writing. My keyboard (merely a tot at two years) is worn out. Many of the keys are rubbed off so you don’t know what letter you’re typing. Well since I can type, it’s not a problem for me. And the hubby has a lap-top.  But the kids- who are using my computer until theirs is repaired – complain about it. Funny problem to have, huh? I never hear any other people with this complaint. I never even noticed the letters were rubbed off until the Telephone man came and was looking at the computer and said, “Wow, someone has been doing a lot of typing. The keys are rubbed off.”

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!!!


  1. My keyboard is wearing away too. Not all the keys though. Just certain ones. Good thing I know them by heart!

    Good luck with all these projects. You are one busy lady!

  2. Thanks,Kelly. Busy I am. LOL But I love being busy. The hubby does not like it so much but he'll get over it eventually.

  3. Wow, you're busy. I haven't gone through a keyboard yet, but I had to install a new hard drive in my fairly new Mac Air. Lesson?: Back up, back up, back up!

  4. Yes, Catherine. I am busy but it goes with being a mommy of 3 - well, 4 if you count my husband. So I take it as part of my job. I don't work outside of the home so I know I'm not nearly as busy as some writers with a day job. I'm dreading going back to work. But I did it before but I really got no sleep then. Plus, I'm almost finished with school so that'll free up some time.

  5. I want to bow down and say, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! You've got a hella lot of stuff going on, lady.

    3. If your characters are equal power physically, then she's got to outsmart him. Use a weapon he wouldn't think of - maneuver so it looks like she's backing off to get the sun in his eyes, for example. If she can call on some trick/lesson she learned earlier in the novel, all the better.

    I've rubbed the lettering off the a's and s's on more than one keyboard - not to mention food & beverage damage from eating at the 'puter while I just do a few things.

  6. LOL, Beverly. Yeah, I'm blushing right now. I've only rubbed off a few letters. Actually, I just counted - there are 8 letters gone - not too bad. LOL Oh and thanks so much for the tip - awesome!!!

  7. I would've commented on this post if my freshly showered son, hadn't just laid his head on my dominant typing arm... ;(


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