Friday, January 21, 2011

Revive that Story

I was just over at The Blood Red Pencil and was inspired by a post by Maryann Miller. She hadn't abandoned an old manuscript and it worked in her favor...she recently got the story published. I too have a manuscript - my very first to be exact- that I have hidden away. Embarrassed by my lack of skill, I quickly realized the manuscript lacked something...actually, it lacked many things.

I have as of late taken on the notion that all my work is a "Work in Progress" until it is published. So, yes that means my current piece that I posted to this very blog. Since posting it here some weeks ago it has undergone some changes...especially the first chapter. I say all of this to say that we shouldn't abandon manuscripts. In my humble opinion, any manuscript is salvageable. The key is to know what to keep, know what works for your MC, and don't be afraid of criticism.

I was terrified of criticism! I said I wanted readers/friends to critique my work but what I really wanted was for them to say they liked it. They didn't even have to tell me why they liked it, just that they did. Boy, I was in for a wake-up call. I let a neighbor read it and she gave it back with a detailed list of my errors. Some of the things she mentioned went over my head...I had no idea what she was talking about. That was embarrassing! I got smart though. Quick.

I pushed myself to learn the craft. I bought books on the craft of writing. I subscribed to writer’s blogs, writer websites, Facebook pages...anywhere I could think. And, I listened. And read. And listened more and read more. Am I the perfect person to write that manuscript now - I think so. However, it’s not because I think I'm the best writer but because I think I'm a great "learner.” And any learner will tell you - you never know enough. There is always something to be learned.


  1. I agree with you. I find it really odd the people talk about just abandoning projects because they weren't immediatley received and published.

    Telling myself that I'm not afraid of criticism, would you be at all interested in giving my book a read and telling me what you think. I'm about to beging a re-write on it, but I'm looking for all the feedback I can get before I start.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. I'm flattered you want me to read it. You know I'm not published yet, right. LOL. Email me @ brazil dot dawn at gmail dot com. And I'll email back.

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