Monday, April 7, 2014



Now that the book is available to the world, I'm sitting here twiddling my fingers trying to figure out what to do next.


I'm staying busy with...WRITING. And reading, of course. And watching movies.

What have I read that was good, you ask?

Well, I just finished a novel titled, Etoile by Olivia Besse. It is New Adult and set in the gritty and sparkly world of the modeling industry. It started slow but picked up considerably. The writing, once you get past the prologue (I don't like prologues) is decent, then about a quarter of the way in, it's terrific. The reader is really immersed into the life of Elodie, the main character, and her modeling career...and her tumultuous love life.

I'm currently reading Model Position by Kitsy Clare and it started off great. A swoon-worthy male model complete with suede thong and all. Definitely can't wait to continue reading this one!

I'm writing a novella titled, Finding Her. It is from Chris's perspective from my Finding Me novel. I actually haven't started writing it but I plotted it all out. I'm excited to write this, too. Is it wrong to ABSOLUTELY love one of your characters? He's so perfect! If you've read or are reading Finding Me you understand.

I've already plotted the sequel to the next two books in the Finding Me series: Enlighten Me and Awaken Me...though these names might change. I'm having a ball writing this sequel! I can't wait to share this with the world.

I'm also watching movies: Divergent and Captain America, most recently. They were both great. I read Divergent, of course, if you follow my blog you know this. You also know that it is one of my favorite books. It's action, romance, a horrible future society - what's not to love. I usually have a problem with how my favorite books are casted when they do the film adaptations but I so love Shailene Woodley and Theo James in these roles that it was like I handpicked them myself!

Captain America was equally good. Full of action, no romance but that was okay. I sometimes prefer no romance with my action...there are hints of it in the movie, though. There really is noting more to say about this but go check it out for yourself.

What have you been up to? Have you seen these two movies? Read these two books? What did you think?


  1. This weekend I finally saw Saving Mr. Banks on Pay per View and really enjoyed it. I looked up the factual basis for the movie after the fact (because my daughters didn't believe the author could really have been that bad) and found out she was actually WORSE!

    I also watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones (Yes!) because HBO was offering a free weekend. After this week, we'll have to wait a few days for each episode to show up for purchase on Amazon. :(

    And I'm currently reading Dorothy Must Die, which is very clever and chilling in parts -- but I think doesn't deliver as much as it could have on its unique premise.

  2. Diane I keep hearing things awesome things about Game of Thrones. I think I'm going to have to start watching the show. Well, when I have time. I may try and watch when I'm on vacation and I have like a weeks worth of time but this might not ever happen. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm waiting for both movies to come out on DVD. I don't go to the movies much even though I have a theater less than two miles from my house.

    I'm working on edits for clients and revising two of my contracted books, so I'm keeping busy.

    Good luck writing your sequel. :)

  4. You are always busy, Kelly. I actually don't get to go to the movies as much as I used to or want but my children are a little older so it's easier for me to go.

  5. I am keen to see Captain American this coming weekend. As for what I am reading, The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston. I've read her previous two books and enjoyed them. Best of luck writing your sequel. And yes you need to keep writing.

  6. Finding Her sounds like a fabulous idea! Enjoy writing it and the sequels, Dawn. I haven't seen those two movies or read the books. I'm still slowly enjoying 'Lonesome Dove,' and an MG novel called 'Bloomability.'


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