Saturday, March 22, 2014


It's less than two weeks now for the release of my first novel, Finding Me. *fans face* To say that I'm excited scared would be the understatement of the year. I can barely sit still to write this.

I have my author page up and working on Goodreads. YAY! Please add Finding Me to your "to be read" list. Pretty Please. Okay, that's enough begging for one day. Oh, wait. I forgot. I would love a couple of reviews on Goodreads, too. I've uploaded 13% - the first 6 chapters - to Goodreads. Please read and review. I'd really appreciate it. I'd send everyone a virtual hug, shout-out your books, make a video of my happy dance and send it to you, name my next child after you.

I also wanted to share an older blurb I'd made for the book and had forgotten about. But my awesome CP Tara Gallina found it and sent it to me.

Here's that:

Chloe is gripped with fear because of a vision she has of her pretend-boyfriend dead. Shortly after, she hears voices and she moves objects when she is angry. Her usual chicken-hearted nature stumbles through the experiences, but she must face the truth: either she’s going insane or a supernatural force is at work. When Christopher Thomas arrives to the school, he is brimming with mystery and charm but underneath his sultry demeanor Chloe senses something ominous. She wonders if Chris could have a connection to her weird episodes.

 Chloe’s beliefs regarding Chris are confirmed when he materializes in her room from thin air. He explains: her real name is Amanda and they are soul mates from another universe. They must fight to save the world from an enemy they call the ENO or they will die before their 19th birthday. For reasons unknown, she has not experienced her rebirth, where enlightenment occurs and all is remembered. Chris and the six uncommonly beautiful teens that arrive with him have a clue why she can’t remember anything, including them – only they’re not telling.

 As she acclimates to this new life, she struggles with the perfection of Amanda and the imperfections of Chloe. Her often-overwhelming attraction to Chris is as perplexing as the new super abilities she possesses. However, she realizes she may never recall Amanda or her infallible life and if she does remember, she may lose Chloe forever.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rhythm so my happy dance might actually scare you. I have three kids and have no plans to have more. So if you choose to have me name my next child after you you'd have to wait until Unicorns were the universally accepted mode of transportation.

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!


  1. I love your disclaimer. ;)

    Two weeks to go! That's so exciting!

  2. Woo-hoo! Two weeks! I added the book to my GR shelf:)

  3. Added! Try and keep ahold of those nerves, girl- though I'm sure it's very hard to do! =)

  4. Thanks, Ladies. It is nerve racking and wonderful, and scary and exciting... Thanks for adding the book on Goodreads.

  5. My MG ebook is less than two weeks away, too! (We can hold hands and wait for the time and jitters to pass together.:) I hear chocolate cakes are a good way for this!)


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