Friday, April 6, 2012

Really Exciting News

Made you look.

Yes, I know you almost fell over when you saw I'd actually posted something. I know, I'm terrible. The only good thing I can report is that I have actually been writing. Just not at the blog. My bad. I hadn't even had the time to post comments to some of my favorite blogs like, Kelly Hashway's blog, or LM Preston's blog, Jessie Harrel's blog - okay, there's too many to list here.

But I feel disconnected from the writing world and I don't like it. The blog, SheWrites, and YALitChat helped me to feel connected to things. I don't like this feeling and want to get back that old feeling I had. No I'm not about to start singin' but I am determined to not stay away for so long. I promise. So, I'll post something a couple times a week..even if it's only: "Hey. I feel like crap. Hope your week is better than mine."

Have a great day. Read a book and laugh!!!


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention, Dawn. So sweet of you. :)

    I'm glad to hear you are writing a lot. No one will hold that against you. Good luck with your WIP.

  2. Great advice about reading a book and laughing. Always helps.

    The writing community is one of the greatest communities I've ever invested myself in. So happy YAlitchat has been a help to you. Take the break you need and try to balance life, writing, and blogging. No always easy, but you can do it!!

  3. Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere & thanks for the shout out. Glad to hear you're writing!! I've been kicking back & just reading. Nice to relax.

  4. Hi Dawn, we ll need break here and there. Glad you're back and have a lovely holiday weekend.

  5. Thanks, Everyone. The writing community has been great. I've learned so much and feel encouraged by the stories of other writers. I hope everyone has a great holiday!!!

  6. sometimes you just need a break. Welcome back!

  7. Hi Dawn! My client on Saturday was a writer from New York and I told her that you were a writer. We spoke a little about it but turns out she has heard of your book Chloe Chronicles...(I thought that was cool) She said through the internet. Also that you guys are on a few blogs together.


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