Friday, April 8, 2011

Who are you? "Um...I'm your MC..." -- Answers

It’s that time. Time to find out how the teens answered the questions posed. The answers might surprise you.

I thought I’d provide a little background on the teens polled. There were 6 teens polled, male and female, with diverse backgrounds. The age of the teens raged from one 13 year-old, one 14 year-old, three 15 year-olds and, one 16 year old.

How would you say?

Chloe’s Answer
 “Sorry” or “My bad”


“What the…”

“What’s your deal?”

“I’m jammin’…” 

“Crush” or “boyfriend”

The real teen answers for this were predominately the same. I was thoroughly surprised. Soul mate was the one word contested the most. But not by the guys - the girls. They felt that soul mate was not the correct word and opted for words: bestie or lover. Yes, lover. LOL

 Chloe’s Answers

 Flip Flops  -- 5 tennis shoes and 1 flip flop (1 g)

Sherbet – 4 ice cream and 2 sherbet (2 g)

Books – 4 kindles and 2 books (1 g, 1 b)

Music –4 music and 2 TV (2 g)

The Hunger Games – 3 Hunger games (2 b, 1 g)

Action – 3 action (2b, 1 g) and 3 romance (g)

Comedy – comedy (all)

PB and J—5 pb and J and 1 ham and cheese (1 b)

Zeus – neither (2 b) and Zeus (girls, 1 b)

Drama – comedy – all

1 or 2 friends – 5, 1 or 2 friends and 1 popular (1 b)

Nerd – 3 Cheerleader/Jock, 2 nobody (2 g) & 1 nerd (1 g)

Mints – gum (2 b, 2 g) & mint (2 g)

Science – Health (1 g), Social St. (1g), English (1), Math (1 g), World His. (1b), Biology (1 b)

Latin – English (2 b)Reading (2 g), Algebra (2 g),

***Bonus question (actually I just accidently left it off the first post) –

*Hero or Villian --- this was easy…they all wanted to be the Hero

Q and A

How do you feel about PDA?                    
Chloe: I don’t want everybody in my business so I keep it to a minimum.
Teens polled: All teens but one boy thought it was okay to display affection in public.

What do you do on the weekends for fun?
Chloe: Shop with my two best friends.
Teens polled: Two girls and one boy hung with friends and one person did nothing – a girl, and one person played sports - a guy.

When did you start dating?
Chloe: In the 8th grade. 
Teens polled: Never dated (1 – 15, 13 girl), three teens said the 7th grade (2 b each 15 & 1 g 16), and one teen said 4th grade (1 g, 13 years old)

Do you and your siblings get along?
Chloe: Sometimes but he’s a snob and I’m not.
Teens polled: Four of the teens said sometimes (2 b & 2g), and two girls said no (13 year old & 14 year old)

Would you cry in public?

Chloe: I try not to get too emotional in public. My mother would have a heart attack if she knew I was crying in public.

Teen polled: Four of the teens said no (2 b and 2 g) and two girls said maybe, it depends.

Would you follow your friends if they were doing something wrong or would you do the right thing?

Chloe: It depends on what they were doing. I wouldn’t hurt anyone physically. But I’d be down for a practical joke even if it were on a teacher.
Teens polled: Five of the teens polled said they would do the right thing. One teen, a girl, said she’d go with her friends.

Was this eye opening at all? Yes, actually it was for me. I hope you gathered some info from this exercise to help with creating your YA character.

Have a great weekend. Read a book and laugh aloud!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's always interesting to compare what we think teens would say/do to what teens actually say/do.

  2. Hello! I was just over at Lauren Hammond's blog, and noticed you had expressed interest in Meg Cabot's book, Abandon. I'm actually giving away an ARC of it on my blog, so stop by if you'd like to enter my contest for a chance to win!


  3. Kelly, it's fun to learn if we're spot on with how they think/do things.

    Gina, I've visitied the blog and tweeted about it. That contest is so exciting! Plus a chance to win the books. Thanks for sharing it with me and my followers.


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