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Hello, everyone, my name is Dawn or Angelica or Angie…I’m all three sometimes… try and figure that one out.

I currently live in the lone star state of Texas (Katy, - close to Houston – specifically). I’m married to a neurotic workaholic, if you don’t know him and a sweet gentle man, if you do. I have three obnoxiously beautiful children and I was a Victoria Secret model. Of course, I’m kidding, my kids aren’t that beautiful.

I grew up in the motor city, Detroit. After I graduated from high school, I enlisted in the Navy. I enjoyed my tour of duty. I encourage young people who want to pursue military life to do so. Years later, you may need spinal surgery to correct back ailments from sleeping on the too-small cots but that’s a small price to pay for the camaraderie one experiences.

After my naval years, I decided the motor city wouldn’t do for my taste. So, with friends from the military, I moved to Texas. I met my husband and we decided we were paying too much taxes, so we had three children. Children don’t come with a handbook but that’s okay. When they’re young, they’re adorable. It’s when they reach the dreaded and most-feared teenage years that you realize your terrible error in judgment. “What could I have been thinking,” you ask yourself. I haven’t received an answer to that travailing question but my teenage daughter says she knows. Of course she does!

As a child, growing up in the inner city, I always dreamed of crusading for the rights of the “little-man” in the courtroom. Yes, I wanted to be a lawyer. Life, however, does not always play out according to our plans and I opted for a degree as a Paralegal. And I enjoyed the profession with one exception: working with attorneys. That was a deal breaker. Therefore, I’ve reverted to my other passion, writing. Writing has been the catalyst for many of my decisions. It was the reason I received a degree in English. And it is the reason I stay up into the wee hours of the night...crafting stories.
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